coast to cathedral on the West Mendip Way


  • The entry fee for teams is £20 per team plus £5 per attached runner, £7 per unattached runner.
  • Once you have entered your team, you will need to pay using credit or debit card or Paypal. No other payment methods are available.
  • Once your payment is processed, you will not be able to increase the size of the team. You will be able to change the team members.
  • No entry is valid until your payment is processed and you have received notification of this payment.
  • Entries close on 10th September or sooner if the event is full, there will be no entries taken on the day.
  • Local teams (from Mendip Hash & Wells Harriers) are requested to provide one marshall per team.
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Your team's initials will be used as your race number, to be pinned on each runner.

Go for something catchy like QIK, XXX, ZIP, MUD or A2B

Relay runners run sequentially alone, passing the baton on at each leg changeover. Whole route teams run together.

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Race numbers and last minute instructions will be sent to the Team Captain.

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Choose a start time that will get your team to the finish in time for tea (around 5pm).

Your start time will not affect your result, everyone competes together on their overall elapsed time.

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Leg First Name Last Name Age Sex Mobile Number
1. Uphill to LoxtonRunner 1
2. Loxton to ShiphamRunner 2
3. Shipham to CheddarRunner 3
4. Cheddar to PriddyRunner 4
5. Priddy to WellsRunner 5

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The entry fee for teams is £20 per team plus £5 per attached runner, £7 per unattached runner.